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May, 31st and
June, 1st 2019

European Festival
of Young Musicians


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Summer is coming in Quattro Castella... with more than 100 young musicians from all over Europe, spreading colour, energy and enthusiasm with their music.

They will animate Quattro Castella with sounds and joy, and will be a beautiful example of how different countries, cultures and minds can share their passion for music.

These will be days full of emotions, in which the young musicians will play games and practise their musical instruments, explore together our countryside, exchange views of the world and styles of life, all in different languages.

The ambitious project of “Futuro in Musica”, which is the name of the association that organizes the Festival – that this year reaches the third edition –, becomes real through the experience of opportunities, creativity and cultural exchanges.

Music is an instrument, music communicates by going straight to our hearts and feelings, and, with this Festival, it is available for everyone who wants to experience Quattro Castella in these unforgettable days.

Young musicians, aged 13 to 20 years, from Germany, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, and also Italy will perform at the European Festival 2019. The Youth Orchestra of Quattro Castella and the Mikrokosmos Orchestra from Casalgrande will host their European friends, our companions of adventures for the Third edition of the Festival.

 “Music is not to be sold, it is to be shared”
(Leonard Bernstein)






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